Karmakarışık Bir Şeyler

Karmakarışık Bir Şeyler


8 Secondes Nicolas Ruel

Any urban space, from a village to a megalopolis, furnishes my work with the fictional raw materials for transfiguration. I take a formal approach to photography, based on urban design and architecture. Structuring and disarticulating these elements is the predominant theme of my work. I am fascinated by transitory and transitional sites—places that in their nature and function incarnate motion and metamorphosis, such as ports, terminals, docks, highways, construction sites, churches, and stadiums. These spaces belong to a form of monumentality that when deserted inclines to material silence a vacuum in the world of things and beings.

For a number of years I have been using very long exposures that function like a movie set, condensing each photograph into a kind of 8-second micromovie. This long exposure makes it possible to assemble key moments in a single take, analogous to the process of condensation in dreams. Thus, in this dolly shot, I translate the actions and spectacle of the city and its residents as I follow their unceasing movement.

Through each exposure, I intensify a symbolic charge, which I then recombine in order to reverse the codes attached to the photographed real. And because I print onto stainless steel, I need to take into account a sculptural reality, as if my work were an image being crystallized. I photograph the city in the knowledge that the metal, like a prism, is going to change reality in its turn. So it is that the imaginary cities I inventory fall into place.”


I recently heard of a story from a fellow designer that she was walking on a beach one day that felt refreshing, peaceful, and tranquilizing. She knew that by collecting the colors surrounding her on that beach, she could create those same feelings in a yoga studio that she was working on. Shells, sand, and pebbles collected were used to determine the interior’s color scheme and the yoga studio’s design as well as the business became a success. ~ IDH

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